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When the free features aren’t enough:

Whether you’re a publisher looking to reach a wider audience, or maybe an author who wants to shine a spotlight on your book and your book alone. We offer a variety of advertising options at attractive prices that apply to both the website as well as the newsletter. See below for details:

If you’re looking for our free options Click Here

  • Full page advert in the newsletter - $40.00 USD

    • The sky is the limit, you have a full page to work with. Page will be appear between the article and information pages of the newsletter. (Ideal for New Releases or Publishers)

  • Half page advert in the newsletter - $25.00 USD

    • Space is confined to half the page and is shared with an article or other information. (Ideal for Book Series or Publishers)

  • Quarter page advert in the newsletter - $15.00 USD

    • Space is confined to a quarter of the page and is shared with an article or other information. (Ideal for single book advertisements.)

  • Specific Article about your business - An entire page, dedicated to your business and/or brand (ideal for publishers looking to advertise themselves) - $40.00 USD

    • Space confined to a full page, 500 - 800 words. Up to two pictures as well as social and official links. Page is placed between the regular pages of the newsletter but not at the back.

  • Official sponsor acknowledgement. Your brand is officially recognized as a sponsor of the Writing Community Newsletter. This is a great way to build exposure and attract new clients, your logo includes a link to a website of your choice. - $50.00 USD - Paid Monthly

  • Banner Ad - Extends across the top of a given page of the newsletter - $15.00

  • Pop Up Ad - Your ad is the first thing seen when visitors come to our site, Size limited to 1 image with text, links enabled to your website/selling platform, Great option for just released books! - $25.00 (Limited 1 per customer per 2 week period)

  • Expedited Review - If you want your review finished and posted as quickly as possible, Our expedited review process places your book at the top of the pile, and assigned as one of our reviewers highest priority reads. - $10.00

    • Disclaimer - payment of the expedited reading fee does not guarantee a high review score. Reviews are genuine opinion of a specific reviewer, and not that of the newsletter staff as a whole. If the review is anything less than a 3 star, our reviewer will offer constructive feedback if desired by the author. No refunds given once the review is completed regardless of review rating . Payment due prior to review start.

. reserves the right to adjust stated rates as necessary.