Our Review Process

Review Information:

An author feeds off reviews, they validate our work, let us know when we’re doing well and when we’re doing poorly so why are they so difficult to get? If you’d like your work of art considered for review by our staff, please review our guidelines below before submitting.
Please read the below process carefully including all disclaimers, there is a lot of information.

Our Review Process:

  • Author sends PDF or a digital copy of the book to wcreviewteam@gmail.com

    • In the email, the author places “REVIEW REQUEST” in the subject line

      • Author includes the title of the book as well as a high quality copy of the cover.

      • A synoposis is optional but appreciated

      • Include the genre of your book

  • Review admin responds.

    • Author can accept our standard offering (See below for process)

      • Reviewers have 2 months to pick the book up.

        • If book is not picked up in that two month period, it can be resubmitted 4 months later.

        • Alternate Option: if book is not picked up in 2 months, the author can resubmit a different book for consideration

    • Author can pay an Expedite Fee

      • Reviewers pick your book before books considered for free reviews

      • Review is guaranteed. Tentative completion time 10-15 Days

  • Reviewer reads book and writes up a review.

    • Review is posted in the following places pending author approval and space considerations:

      • Goodreads

      • The Next Edition of the Newsletter

      • Our Review Page on the website

      • Amazon

        An amazon review is not always guaranteed due to Restrictions from the Amazon marketplace. Regardless of if the author paid for an expedited review. Payment doesn’t guarantee an Amazon review.

  • Books are rated on a 1-5 star scale.

    • Exceptional books that are loved by the reviewer can be awarded an extra star for emphasis.

  • When the review is completed and a rating given, the author is notified and reviews are posted as necessary.

When a book receives a rating below a 3 star:

  • The reviewer drafts up a feedback form, this form explains the what and the why.

  • Once this form is completed, it’s sent to our Lead Review Coordinator.

  • Our coordinator reaches out to the Author to offer the feedback.

  • Review is not posted without express permission from the author.


  • Payment of an expedite fee, does not constitute a guaranteed 4+ star rating. The only guarantee the expedite fee carries is that the submitted book is placed at the top of the queue and that a review will be completed. Expedited Fee is non refundable.

    Submission of your book does not guarantee a review. The only way to guarantee a review is through payment of an Expedited Review Fee. tHIS IS DUE TO THE VOLUME OF BOOKS AND OUR LIMITED STAFF NUMBERS.

    Disclaimer #3
    Due to the ease with which Serial Web Novels published via websites such as Wattpad and Channillo can be changed, our review team will not review novels published under these websites or other websites like them.