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About Megan

Hello! My name is Megan Ransdell, and I'm a psychology student by day, and a writer by… all the time.

I didn’t always want to be a writer, but every time I think back on my life, I’ve always found myself writing something. I wrote both fanfictions and actual stories, but the very first thing I can remember writing is a fantasy story in the second grade. Though I never won any of the elementary school writing contests, I still continued writing until about my sophomore year of high school, where a series of events caused me to despise writing of any kind. However, about my senior year, I found my fire again and haven't stopped.

I started off in romance after my long break, but was soon yanked (rather violently) back to my roots of high fantasy. For the last two years I've been working on The Legend of Asialdan: Heir to the World, a novel that I swear I’m going to eventually get out there. Really, I mean it. In the meantime, I’ve independently published my first ever work Now You See Me, a fantasy novella, and am working on the sequel right now! A specific date hasn’t been set yet, because of my crazy college schedule and the fact that I’m drowning in graduate school preparation, but it’ll definitely be coming out mid fall! I’m also a mental health writer for the Writing Community Newsletter on Twitter!