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Our Beginning

The Writing Community Newsletter was born out of the desire to help the #WritingCommunity on Twitter, be it through exposure, education or helpful articles. The goal is an enjoyable experience with articles the community will find useful.


“Twitter is like standing on a mountain surrounded by people, but only a few really hear you.”

— Hill Manner, FOUNDER


So often we find that despite considerable follower numbers, we don’t see a return investment on that information we desperately want and hope people will read. The newsletter is meant to mitigate that, have something to share? Share it, have a new release you want our readers to check out? We offer that too, all at no cost to a list of subscribers that grows daily.

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Our Mission

To supply the robust and widespread #WritingCommunity with content for the budding beginner, the established author and everyone in between. We do this through articles, book advertisements and review services.

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Get Involved

Whilst we have volunteers on staff who regularly contribute articles for each monthly edition, we’re always looking for new content creators with something to say. If this fits you, let us know and we’ll meet! No stringent interviews! If you have an idea we’d love to hear it!

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