Who We’re Looking For


Are you a writer/reader/blogger in love with your genre? We're looking for you!

We’re seeking applicants knowledgeable in all aspects of their most loved genres, what's new, what's trending, foibles to overcome?

Are you willing to write an article a month on that genre? Help us showcase authors to watch, read, follow? We want you!

Categories to include but not limited to: SFF, Crime Fiction, Historical, Romance, Thrillers, Horror.

Guest Contributors

Don’t have the time to be a regular contributor but still feel like you have something to say? Let us know and we’ll make space for your article.


While we strive to keep our permanent staff level as small as possible, there is opportunity for growth. Positions will be announced as they are needed, however if you have an idea for a position we don’t already have; reach out to us and let us know.


  • All positions are voluntary.

  • All positions are unpaid positions, we are a small operation run by volunteers.

    • Any funds taken in through donation are put towards newsletter upkeep and contest prizes (future plans!)

  • There is no contract commitment to working with us, all we ask for is communication.

Current Staff Openings:

Convention Article Coordinator - Responsible for communicating with any associated convention staff or attendees and soliciting articles regarding their experiences for the monthly edition. Responsible for follow-up with the article writers for future conventions.

Social Media Coordinator - Responsible for extending the social media presence of the Newsletter. Now that we’re established on Twitter, we want to expand! We’re looking for an applicant with experience in social media strategy. Duties will include: maintenance, upkeep and establishment of all social media accounts related to the Newsletter. Basic Photoshop abilities desired but not required. Must be capable of clear and concise communication, team-minded, and a self-starter.

Book Reviewer - Applicant must be a strong reader with an established review record available. Must be established on Amazon and Goodreads. Must be a multi-genre reader capable of reading a minimum of 1 - 2 books in a 30 day period and capable of completing a review in that time.