It’s About You

We’re Here Because of You

The newsletter is meant to bridge the gap between what you say and what others hear. When you make an announcement, even if you have 5K followers; there are so many people in the community that your chances of that tweet making any meaningful impact is slim at best. Because our timelines are inundated with thoughts, announcements and ads etc…

What We Do.

Everyone on staff understands what it’s like to be an indie author. We understand that often times there aren’t many options to gain exposure for the independent author trying to get published. Even throwing your book out in tweets only gains so much attention. Our solution is simple, we provide no cost exposure to anybody that wants it as long as they agree to meet the submission guidelines, please click the applicable box below to be directed to our guidelines.

How we do this.

The newsletter is meant to be a monthly trove of information and uplifting stories that apply directly to YOU as a WRITER. From articles on jobs applicable to the writing professions, to stories of success from others in the community and even free book reviews. You’ll be reminded monthly that you’re NOT alone on your writers journey.

Everybody on staff does this on a volunteer basis, the newsletter is put together, organized, and distributed by volunteers. We’re always on the look out for guest contributors, authors to interview and books to advertise at no cost to you.

Publishers, Editors, Literary Agents, those services that give opportunities to writers for continued success? We haven’t forgotten about you. In addition to our free advertising options, we also have paid options to place you, your business, or your services in the view of our subscribers.


In the end, here’s what matters. We exist because of the #WritingCommunity, the newsletter exists because of you. Your feedback fuels our passion for connecting the community together. So what can you do?