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The Writing Community Convention


Undiscovered Publishing Presents!

It's the event the Writing Community has only dreamed of. Now, it's becoming a reality. It's the Writing Community Convention, hosted by Undiscovered Publishing!

Coming to Houston, TX in 2021, the Writing Community Convention will feature some of your favorite authors/writers, including WB Welch, Natasha Dee, Serah Brightside, Dawn Hosmer and more! It will also feature the first ever Authortube Panel, with speakers including Katie Wilson, Evie Driver, Jenna Streety, Melissa Hope and more!

Events in and around the convention in the city of Houston, including Writing Sprint workshops and events, will be featured during the convention! Reserve your ticket(s) and guarantee your seat TODAY! Doing so gets your early access to purchasing of your official ticket when it rolls around in 2020!

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