About J.J. Zanko


I am a Swiss engineering student, trying too hard to be a writer and working on my first SFF novel, which is supposed to become a twenty book series. (See what I mean with trying too hard?) My native language is Swiss German, but I am fluent in English, German, and French.

I am one of the newsletter’s admins, which basically means I do anything no one else does, while I’m not writing articles, working on the newsletter’s layout, or drawing caricatures of Willmeow Shakespurr for the Newsletter.

Aside from my absurd obsession with cats, I LOVE worldbuilding, which is why I started a new segment in the newsletter called World Building Inspiration. In this segment I try to highlight the aspects of worldbuilding that are often neglected or forgotten, to hopefully inspire our readers to deepen their own worldbuilding.

My WIP that I mentioned above holds the working title “The awakening of a Zragus—accepting magic” and is the first book of the Zragus series. It’s about a 33-year-old cyborg engineer from future Earth, who escapes hell through death. He reincarnates in a world of magic that heavily triggers his OCD, slowly driving him insane, while a large bat-like cyclops abducts him towards his other-determined destination.

I love testing my creative limits and pushing through them, be it in writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, or 3D-modelling, as they complement my rational engineering studies. I can find inspiration in almost anything, but it usually develops into bigger, and more complex projects with far more layers than I bargained for.